News Roundup: Skill in WoW, Raynor Authenticators

t’s been relatively quiet on the Blizzard front – just a few bits of news worth mentioning.

Today, Bashiok talks about the definition of skill in WoW and Blizzard announces the new Raynor Starcraft II authenticators!

Skill in the World of Warcraft

Bashiok said:
How does enduring the same thing for hours on end translate into skill? Sure some might call it that, but it doesn’t really translate very well in this game when guild A can’t beat guild B, not because of skill, but because of having fewer hours and less “endurance.”

There’s proper gearing, build experimentation, skill use, rotations, situational corrections, adaptation, experimentation, group composition, communication, environmental awareness, character placement, course correction, and yeah, there’s definitely a stamina component.

I will agree it isn’t as simple to quantify as “This guy can fire off a shot quicker and more accurately than anyone else.” but that’s the nature of the game.

If you don’t want to call high end raiding skill, that’s fine, no skin off my horns, but don’t then go the exact opposite and say anyone can do it and remain competitive, all they need is the time to devote to it. That’s not only incorrect it shows a misunderstanding for what end game progression requires.

The true thing that should be a qualifier as to rather or not someone gets into the tiers of the elite shouldn’t be that endurance, it should be all those factors you mentioned and stamina should take second wing altogether. The only time I believe stamina should matter is if both sides of the equation are exactly equal.

A qualifier for what exactly? No awards are handed out for first downs. Raiding is not a competitive eSport, nor do I believe anyone would correctly claim it to be.

New Raynor Edition Authenticators Available in Blizzard Store

Blizzard said: We’ve just unveiled a new StarCraft II design for the Authenticator. Armed with more rebel attitude, the Raynor Edition Authenticator is now available on the Blizzard Store. You’ll keep your account safe in style and be the talk of Mar Sara with this account-security device in your arsenal.

Want to know more? Check out the Authenticator FAQ, or visit our account-security page for more tips on keeping your account safe from alien forces. The Koprulu sector is depending on you!

Raynor Authenticator @ Blizzard Store


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