Love is in the Air Guide! (Feb 6 – 20)

Ah, love is in the air – along with horrible chemicals and poisons as well! What the heck! Love is in the Air starts on Sunday, and (as usual) we’ve got an updated guide for you guys!

This year, the Love is in the Air event runs from February 6th through February 20th. So far, the event looks to be the same as last year’s updated event, which features a special seasonal boss – Apothecary Hummel! You can queue up for this encounter by speaking to Steamwheedle Shyster, located in Stormwind City (by the Trade District Auction House) or in Orgrimmar (near the path to Grommash Hold). Each day you’ll have a chance to receive special, fun items from the Heart-Shaped Box – maybe even a Big Love Rocket! In addition, the necklaces dropped by Hummel have been updated to level 85 and are now item level 346 and rare quality!

We’ll be updating the guide once the event begins with details on anything other details that have been changed with Cataclysm. As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated! Enjoy the festivities!


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