Latest Cataclysm Hotfixes (Feb 9)

Latest Cataclysm hotfixes have been posted!

Not a whole lot of fixes since yesterday’s post but a few Death Knight nerfs (sorry) and Priest fixes, as well as a fix for the terrible Haste issue which was plaguing many players. In addition, a few more endgame raid fixes have rolled out.

Check out the full list of hotfixes after the break!

Blizzard_Entertainment said:


  • Haste is again properly increasing resource regeneration rates for applicable melee classes. This fix will require a realm restart to take effect. More information regarding the series of changes pertaining to this issue can be found on our General Discussion forum.

Death Knight

  • The root that the Frost talent Chilblains gives to Chains of Ice is now properly affected by diminishing returns and shares diminishing returns with other root effects.
  • Dark Transformation now increases pet damage by 60%, down from 80%.
  • Death Coil damage has been reduced by 15%.
  • The pet damage bonus from Shadow Infusion is now 6% per stack, down from 8%.


Dungeons & Raids

The Bastion of Twilight

  • Players are no longer instantly killed when auras are removed after defeating Cho’gall.
  • Players affected by Conversion during the Cho’gall encounter will gain the correct amount of Corrupted Blood, and the Corrupted Blood mechanics correctly trigger at the appropriate times.
  • Burning Twilight is now bound to the raid dungeon and cannot be taken outside of the instance to affect other players.

Blackwing Descent

  • Chimaeron no longer casts Caustic Slime on targets who are affected by Break. Chimaeron now casts Caustic Slime on a tank target if there are not enough players present without Break.

The Deadmines

  • Players should no longer get disconnected when dying in the Vanessa Vancleef encounter on Heroic difficulty.

Shadowfang Keep


  • Talismans of the Horde and Alliance are properly only available for purchase from their respective factions.


  • Orgrimmar and Stormwind Cooking and Fishing daily quests are again granting the proper skill-ups when turned in.

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