News Roundup: Upcoming 1.10 Changes, iLvl Requirements, Transmute Procs

Hooray for Blue posts!

Today’s topics include:

  • Upcoming Changes in Patch 1.10
  • On Item Level Requirements for Dungeons
  • Transmute Living Elements Proc Changes
  • Changes to White Talbuk Mounts, Treant Companion Pets
  • Lockmaw Exploit Fixed

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Upcoming Changes in Patch 1.10

(This is a joke… Bashiok is having some fun, and you guys should, too!)

Bashiok said: I found an old notebook in a box and so I wanted to share some changes we’re expecting to come through.

In patch 1.10 we’re going to make it so that when you’re at level cap completing quests will turn XP into gold. So that should be a good change, there will still be a reason to complete quests at max level. We’re also going to update some items. In BRD almost all items are going to become blue quality, so that should be a nice upgrade for people. Also all bracers, belts, and gloves will be BoE. Which should help get more people geared up through the AH to tackle this difficult dungeon.

We’ll keep you updated should we find any other old notes that are no longer new or exciting.

Zarhym said: To expand on Bashiok’s feedback, we’d also like to note that we’re happy right now with priests feeling unique via their racial abilities. It’s compelling gameplay for dwarf priests get to keep Fear Ward to themselves.

On Item Level Requirements for Dungeons

Nethaera said:
This has probally been talked about before but here we go.

Blizzard why did you just add gearscore as a requirement in some Cata instances. Because obviously GS=Skill right? <– not raging but its just kinda annoying because your going to start making some people believe GS=skill and in the future some people may not be able to participate in endgame.

The item level requirement was added to help players better gauge whether or not they might be ready to take on that content. We were seeing a lot of issues before where people were upset that someone was in a group that just didn’t have the gear to take on the encounters. Or conversely they (personally) were upset that they didn’t seem to be able to overcome an instance despite thinking they were ready for it. So, we’ve sort of baked in a system to better identify “readiness”. It’s merely a tool to indicate possible preparedness, not an indicator of skill or lack of skill.

We’ve mentioned it before, but it doesn’t hurt to repeat, that we have been putting some thought into easing the requirement for premade or guild groups since those groups may want to help carry a lesser geared player through the encounter and generally have better overall coordination for achieving the completion of the dungeon.

And it’s a great system that’s flawless! Why, my DK tank finally got the iLvl she needed to queue for Heroics when some caster leather and mail found its way to my inventory via greed rolls!

We do not believe the system to be flawless. We believe it to simply be a tool that can at least help give some basic guidance. It’s not perfect and we would like to continue to improve upon it in the future.

Transmute Living Elements Proc Changes

Nethaera said: I wanted to hop in and clarify and confirm there was in fact a change that was implemented with the patch that unfortunately did not make the patch notes.

The change actually adjusted the return on the transmutes so that you weren’t getting spikes in the amount of items you’d get from the transmute. Instead, if you transmute over a period of time, the amount of the transmute return should even out.

So basically if you transmute on a regular basis, you should see a more regular return on the transmute vs. a spike in large returns. Transmutation specialists will almost always get a PROC when transmuting living elements.

Ok so what I get from this as a whole for xmuting is instead of xmuting and getting like a 5 proc on truegold and then a 2 proc on true gold one week then next week getting nothing but no procs it will now be more like a 2 proc every other day over the course of 2 weeks?

That should be about right. It wasn’t about reducing the amount of procs you could get so much as evening it out to be more consistent over all.

Thanks for the update, Neth! There’s always confusion about this kind of change after patches when it is not in the notes.

We’re very sorry about the confusion and lack of note. Please feel free to keep us up to date if you see anything else that seems out of sorts and we’ll try to take a look at it.

With every expansion we’ve released, we’ve generally had another follow-up patch that makes a lot of additional fixes and adjustments. Unfortunately, that also means things slip through the cracks despite our best efforts. We do what we can to address those as quickly as possible though and will continue to do so.

Changes to White Talbuk Mounts, Treant Companion Pets

Daxxarri said:
Can someone please explain why my White War talbuk lost his blue horns and feet, this was my favorite mount and now it looks stupid. They mess with my favorite clases, screw with the mounts that have been that way since BC. Seriously I would like to know who is calling the shots now, Cata has been full of dissapointments and let down. Im quitting this game because i know the cool people who managed the game in bc are long gone.

Woah there! Hold your horses (or talbuks, as the case may be).

While not exactly a bug (the opposite, actually), this change to the White War Talbuk wasn’t intentional. The current plan is to revert the White War Talbuk to its original, shiny blue hoof and horned state at the earliest opportunity.

There’s no real conflict, actually. According to the best information the Customer Service poster in EU had, it was a bug (true) which was fixed (also true). We’re not generally in the habit of unintentionally fixing bugs, so that was an easy inference to make. In this particular and very unusual case, it was an unintentional fix, though, and we want the blue coloration to persist.

Perhaps that clarifies things a bit?

Daxxarri, was the change to withers unintentional too? Teldrassil sproutling?

They both had different models, and I believe now share the same model, both different than before.
The issue where all treant models share the same texture (including Withers and the Teldrassil Sproutling) is something we’re aware of and we’re hoping to resolve soon.

The original colors for hooves and horns was caused by a bug. They fixed the bug on accident, and are reverting it back because they liked it with the bug.

Correct! We discovered that the wrong texture had been applied to the White War Talbuks horns n hooves, but since we liked it, and you guys liked it, and it felt like a good fit for the art design in Outland, we decided to keep it.

Lockmaw Exploit Fixed

Bashiok said:
Looks like Blizz didn’t care for people standing on the crock statues during the Lockmaw fight. It’s now impossible to get on them.

Those Blizzards are just the worst.


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