News Roundup: Latest Blue Posts on Mage Hotfixes, Warlock DoTs, Whiptail and more!

This latest assortment of Blizzard posts includes some info on upcoming mage hotfixes, addresses some current bugs (like that wacky Whiptail respawn rate that we’re all loving) and even includes a new Love is in the Air themed comic!

Topics include:

  • Upcoming Mage Hotfixes
  • Warlock Immolate/Corruption Damage
  • Whiptail Respawn Rate
  • Amani War Bear Mount
  • Blizzard’s New Love is in the Air Comic

Check out the full Blizzard posts after the break!

…on Upcoming Mage Hotfixes

Zarhym said: As previously discussed ( ) we’re currently planning to put out a couple hotfixes specifically for Arcane mages. Likely today.
  • Arcane Blast base mana cost from 7% to 5%.

However, with the above change in mind we are also going to nerf the Shard of Woe trinket to halve the mana savings for Arcane spells only. It’s still a fantastic trinket for Arcane mages even with the reduction.

…on Warlock Immolate/Corruption Damage

Zarhym said:
Basically, it looks like dots are ticking for 8% less damage, and only does the same damage per tick with ISF.

We’re aware of the concerns that the damage of Immolate and Corruption may have gone down unintentionally as part of 4.0.6 or a bug fix shortly thereafter. This was not an intentional change and so far we’ve been unable to determine if such a change occurred or what could have caused it. We have, for example, looked at several Destruction warlocks whose DoT damage went up, which would be the expected outcome of the Improved Soul Fire talent. If you have additional new information, especially if it’s empirical and reproducible, please share it with us as we continue to investigate.

…on the Whiptail Respawn Rate

Nethaera said:
I do realize that before 4.0.6 the respawn rate on Whiptail was far too low, and I thank Blizzard for increasing it. But now (and I really don’t mean to contribute to the wave of pointless complaints as of late, but I feel I must say something) I honestly believe the respawn is far too HIGH!!! Uldum is so incredibly populated with farmers now that the respawn is on an almost instant timer. Gathering Whiptail is so easy even with the massive amount of people that the price of it has decreased well over 50% and still going down.

Also another issue brought about by this insane respawn rate is the people using bots to farm. I really don’t have any hard proof for it, but I’m sure it’s something that is under investigation by our realm GM’s.

Any opinions by fellow herbalists on this matter?

We’re aware of this and taking a look at the respawn rates.

We’re aware of this and taking a look at the respawn rates.

Incoming knee jerk herb nerf. There won’t be an herb to be found after tomorrows maintenance…

Too much pessimism for a Monday. 🙂

Dear Ms. Neth,

Could you please have the devs look at the Twilight Jasmine rate/density while looking into the whiptail/heartblossom issue? Ever since the nerf to herbs shortly after release, the node density is to sparse and the respawn time is probably too high for the amount of people farming in Twilight Highlands.

Happy Valentines Day,

Camillia 🙂

There was no nerf after release, but there (I believe) was an issue with herbs being in different phases than you so thus the sparseness. I also believe that this was corrected. But, I can definitely ask about Twilight Jasmine.

…on the Amani War Bear Mount

Zarhym said:
Its such a cool mount and id love to have one. It never should have left the game, and ya at 85 4 chests isnt hard but neither is downing heroic Lk or no light yogg yet those mounts are in the game. should bring it back as a small chance from the 4th chest in za

One never knows what might happen with Zul’Aman and the treasures of old found therein…

Zarhym is on record as playing a gnome, and therefore is not to be trusted.


Blizzard’s New Love is in the Air Comic

Blizzard_Entertainment said: We’ve just added a special treat to our Blizzard Art gallery: a heartwarming piece from our own Samwise Didier, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Be sure to check the Blizzard Art section regularly, as we plan to release more webcomics from Blizzard artists in the months ahead.


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