Patch 4.2 Heroic Items Upgrade, Murkablo Video, Firelands Ragnaros Kill Video

Patch 4.2 – Heroic Item Upgrades
The latest PTR build of Patch 4.2 finally allowed us to understand the use of the Crystallized Firestone dropped by all Firelands boss in heroic mode.

  • Upgrade Weapons and Relics from the Patch 4.2 Valor Points Vendor to heroic quality.
  • Upgrade Weapons and armors from the Firelands raid to heroic quality. Since they aren’t listed in the loot table of any boss I will assume they’re trash loot but I could be wrong.

To buy the upgraded version of an item, you will need the normal version of the item and 1 Crystallized Firestone.

Level Type Spec Slot Name Drop Upgrade
378 Polearm Physical DPS Two-Hand Ranseur of Hatred Raid Trash Ranseur of Hatred (H)
378 Gun Physical DPS Ranged Lava Bolt Crossbow Raid Trash Lava Bolt Crossbow (H)
378 Staff Spell DPS Two-Hand Spire of Scarlet Pain Raid Trash Spire of Scarlet Pain (H)
378 Dagger Spell DPS Main Hand Chelley’s Sterilized Scalpel Raid Trash Chelley’s Sterilized Scalpel (H)
378 Leather Melee Waist Riplimb’s Lost Collar Raid Trash Riplimb’s Lost Collar (H)
378 Mail Physical DPS Wrist Hide-Bound Chains Raid Trash Hide-Bound Chains (H)
378 Axe Melee One-Hand Blackcleave Chopper Raid Trash Blackcleave Chopper (H)
378 Neck Melee Neck Firebound Gorget Raid Trash Firebound Gorget (H)
378 Finger Tank Finger Stalwart Ember Seal Raid Trash Stalwart Ember Seal (H)
378 Trinket Melee Trinket Apparatus of Khaz’goroth Raid Trash Apparatus of Khaz’goroth (H)
378 Trinket Tank Trinket Scales of Life Raid Trash Scales of Life (H)
378 Wand Spell DPS Ranged Glowing Ember Wand Valor Points Glowing Ember Wand (H)
378 Wand Spell Spirit Ranged Phoenix-Feather Wand Valor Points Phoenix-Feather Wand (H)
378 Relic Melee Relic Doomflame Fetish Valor Points Doomflame Fetish (H)
378 Relic Physical DPS Relic Hardheart Relic Valor Points Hardheart Relic (H)
378 Relic Spell DPS Relic Soulflame Vial Valor Points Soulflame Vial (H)
378 Relic Spell Spirit Relic Firebinder Relic Valor Points Firebinder Relic (H)
378 Relic Tank Relic Deathclutch Figurine Valor Points Deathclutch Figurine (H)
378 Thrown Melee Thrown Morningstar Shard Valor Points Morningstar Shard (H)
378 Thrown Tank Thrown Deflecting Star Valor Points Deflecting Star (H)
378 Thrown Melee Thrown Giantslicer Valor Points Giantslicer (H)


Murkablo Companion Pet Video
The Murkablo (Murky’s Little Soulstone) is so cute and fluffy that it deserves an early video. At this point we’re not really sure if it will be a Diablo 3 Collector pet or the pet given to people who will attend Blizzcon this year.

Ragnaros 25-Man PTR Kill by Synced
Ragnaros was available for testing on PTRs tonight and Synced (EU-Kil’jaeden) managed to take him down, and they even have a video of the kill.

Additional BlizzCon Benefit Dinner Tickets On Sale June 8

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Looking for another chance to attend this year’s BlizzCon Benefit Dinner and help out a good cause in the process? An additional handful of tickets have become available to this special pre-BlizzCon event and will be going on sale Wednesday, June 8 at 7 p.m. Pacific Time through the online Blizzard Store. Guests will have an opportunity to meet and chat with game developers, artists, executives, and other folks from Blizzard Entertainment before the show. Tickets will be available for $500 USD each (BlizzCon admission included), and the proceeds will benefit Children’s Hospital of Orange County. Quantities will be extremely limited, so keep a close watch on the ticket sales page on Wednesday evening for the chance to get yours.

Click here for more information on the BlizzCon Benefit Dinner.

Blue Posts

Originally Posted byBlizzard Entertainment
Goblin Racial Nerf
It wasn’t a stealth nerf. It was a bug fix to make the goblin racial function as stated. This is the racial description:

“Always receive the best possible gold discount, regardless of faction.”

What this means is you will get the exalted discount from faction vendors regardless of your standing with that faction. There was a bug, however, which allowed the discount to go beyond the maximum (exalted) discount provided to all other races.

We fixed the bug so that the goblin racial now functions as advertised. If you’re friendly with, say Kirin Tor, you will receive the same discount as a tauren would who is exalted with that faction. If you’re both exalted, you’ll still receive the same discount.

So it was previously stacking with other things, like the guild bonus and such? And now it’s fixed?
That’s correct.

This is hardly even a racial now. What does it give Goblins that everybody else doesn’t have access to now? What other races have a racial that everybody else can be on-par with by putting in a little effort?

Best Deals Anywhere explicitly states you get the best possible gold discount from vendors, not more of a discount than any other race can possibly get.

We’re not trying to nerf fun here, but the goblin racial package is very powerful even if you ignore Best Deals Anywhere completely. It’s a fine line between making racials fun and interesting, and making players feel like they can only pick a certain race. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Leaving instances in combat
I’d agree it can be annoying, and even costly, but I don’t think a restriction of not allowing people to leave during combat would achieve much. Generally people leaving at those moments are doing so on some type of ‘principle’. You’re pulling too slow, the healer has a fishing pole equipped, etc. etc. and it would be just as productive for them to stand there doing nothing and either wiping the group or just making it a tougher pull. Unlikely they’d think “Oh, I guess they really need me” and jump into combat. They’d just wait until everyone died, feeling justified in their ability to kill the group, and then leave.

There are also situations where being able to leave while in combat wouldn’t be the ‘wrong’ thing to do. For example if someone decided to pull the instance in hopes of wiping everyone. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)


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