News Round Up: Season 10 Armor Preview, Dungeon Journal Preview, and More

It’s been a busy day here at Wowhead and also for Blizzard. There were tons of previews for 4.2 coverage today. All of them were topics we’ve already covered, such as season 10 armor sets so we’ve gathered them up for a news round up.

We also have some site news to cover before we get to the blue posts. First off we’d like to announce we picked up two new moderators on our forums Squishalot and Asakawa! If you see them around in our forums, be sure to give them a hearty welcome to their new jobs!

Secondly, we’d like to say hi to all the massive amount of readers we’ve picked up in the past few days. It’s great to have you guys here–Wowhead News is Wowhead’s newest venture and 4.2 was our test run of offering quality news as it breaks at lightning speeds. We hope you’ll like what you’ve been reading and stick around on our site. We’ll have a roundup of all our 4.2 coverage as a refresher soon and we’re also holding an exciting contest starting tomorrow pwith awesome TCG prizes, so make sure you stick around for both news and loot. We aim to be your number one source for reliable and in-depth World of Warcraft news!

PvP Season 10 Preview

PvP Season 9 will soon be coming to an end. Players on the battlefields and arenas of World of Warcraft have proven their mettle in glorious combat, and are ready for new challenges and more powerful rewards.Here’s a look at the gear that the most accomplished PvP competitors will be sporting in Season 10.

Dungeon Journal Preview

In patch 4.2, Rage of the Firelands, we’ll be introducing the Dungeon Journal, a new system that players can use to learn more about specific dungeons, the bosses within those dungeons, their abilities, and the rewards they offer.

While in a dungeon, hitting “M” (the default key for Map) will open the Dungeon Journal. A new button will also be available in the navigation tray, so that the Dungeon Journal can be accessed from anywhere in-game. There won’t be any gating or limitations placed on what content a player can see in the Dungeon Journal. All boss/dungeon/raid information will be available to all players regardless of level, gear, or content experience. The dungeon/raid map will display each boss in their respective locations, marked by unique icons.

Players can access boss information by clicking on boss icons on the map, or by clicking on the boss’s name in the associated tab of the dungeon/raid map page. General loot information for the dungeon/raid can also be accessed from the dungeon/raid main page by clicking on the Loot tab. This will show all loot dropped (from bosses and trash) in the instance, of a certain quality.

Boss abilities will be available via the boss’s page, either by clicking on the map or by going through the Dungeon tab. The Dungeon tab on the boss’s page will list out all major spells, abilities, and phases for that encounter.

Players will be able to glean useful insight in to the mechanics of boss encounters by first reading the Dungeon Journal. Our goal is to give a solid foundation for taking on the boss, a general sense of how the encounter will play out, and some context to the abilities, without taking the place of creating independent strategies.

In patch 4.2, you’ll be able to use the Dungeon Journal to help conquer every dungeon and raid that was introduced with World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, including those in Firelands. We want the Dungeon Journal to include as many dungeons, bosses, and encounters as possible, and we hope to add more in the future. Have fun storming the castle!

Holy Word: Sanctuary

We think Holy Word: Sanctuary is fine as-is taking all of the variables into account. It is isn’t intended to directly compete with Healing Rain or even Efflorescence, and if we decided that it needed to be, we’d have to nerf Holy priest AE healing in other ways, such as Circle of Healing or Prayer of Healing. If you are casting a heal every single GCD, then there may not be many times you would want to use Sanctuary over, say, Prayer of Healing. But you probably aren’t casting every single GCD. Even on heroic raid encounters there are often periods of lower damage, and if you’re blowing big heals then when you don’t need to, you’re going to run out of mana. But Sanctuary is the kind of thing you can cast during periods of low damage in preparation for predictable high damage in the near future, at which point it can be ticking away while you also cast other AE heals.Some pretty salient points here. We compare the entire class packages when evaluating and making changes. Saying spell X costs more mana than spell Y is just a recipe for X and Y being the same spell.It’s probably also fair that healing priests still have a few too many healing tools, and finding niches for things like Holy Nova continue to be issues without great solutions.
Also, saying that Sanctuary is there to prepare for high-damage phases is just not a great usage of the spell. The mana tradeoff is just too harsh for such a pathetically weak spell.

I was going to go into a lot of other uses for it, throwing it out for clump-ups and getting in some regen time when possible, obviously for any localized group damage where you’re going to get the duration. I probably should have just cut the example part.

NA and European Invitationals Announced

Are you ready to watch your favorite StarCraft II and World of Warcraft players fight for fame and fortune?Blizzard Entertainment is pleased to announce the 2011 North American Invitational. The top StarCraft II players and World of Warcraft 3v3 Arena teams will be invited to battle it out this summer to earn a berth at the 2011 Global Invitational at BlizzCon.Stay tuned for more information.

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