Patch 4.2 on Live Realms This Week, Firelands Raid Boss, Tier 12, Season 10

Patch 4.2 on Live realms this week
The patch files are now available in the dark places of the internet and unless something terrible happens, patch 4.2 should hit the live realms this week! I’ll have a slightly prettier compilation post on the front page in a few hours but check out the following links (and the last 4.2 articles below) for more information!


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Road to Patch 4.2 – Firelands Raid Boss Pages
Pages for the bosses of the Firelands Raid are now available! Technically, most of this info is now available in game through the encounter journal but it never hurts to peek before the live release. Thanks to chaud for the time he spent on those.

Road to Patch 4.2 – Tier 12 Pages
Tier 12 Armor Sets finally have their dedicated pages, with set bonuses, item lists, and armor models on all races for all classes!

Road to Patch 4.2 – Arena Season 10 Armor Sets
Arena Season 10 Armor sets also get a slightly updated previews, with the recolors of both versions of the sets and an upgraded model for the Rogue Armor set.

Class Set Class Set
Death Knight Ruthless Gladiator’s Desecration Rogue Ruthless Gladiator’s Vestments
Druid Ruthless Gladiator’s Refuge Shaman Ruthless Gladiator’s Earthshaker
Druid Ruthless Gladiator’s Sanctuary Shaman Ruthless Gladiator’s Thunderfist
Druid Ruthless Gladiator’s Wildhide Shaman Ruthless Gladiator’s Wartide
Hunter Ruthless Gladiator’s Pursuit Warlock Ruthless Gladiator’s Felshroud
Mage Ruthless Gladiator’s Regalia Warrior Ruthless Gladiator’s Battlegear
Paladin Ruthless Gladiator’s Redemption
Paladin Ruthless Gladiator’s Vindication
Priest Ruthless Gladiator’s Investiture
Priest Ruthless Gladiator’s Raiment

Season 10 – Elite (2200+) Armor Sets

Season 10 – Armor Sets


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