Blizzard Trademarks “Mists of Pandaria,” Next Expansion?

Put on your tinfoil hats–it looks like an April Fools’ joke may become a reality. Last week, Blizzard filed for a trademark for “Mists of Pandaria” under computer software. This is a common practice for the registration of expansion titles; for example, the Cataclysm was filed for trademark on June 26, 2009 and its domain was bought subsequently. Similarly, a Pandaria domain was also purchased last week.

This means that it’s possible that the next expansion will be announced at BlizzCon and that it will be Mists of Pandaria.

Let the speculation run wild–what do you guys think? Is this our future expansion or a false alarm? Will the pandarens be a playable race for both sides, a neutral faction even though Blizzard has said that they like factions to be identifiable and distinct for horde and alliance? Or maybe their role will be more of a lore one, focusing on them as quest hubs and a central conflict?


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