5.1 PTR: New Rare Spawns, Black Friday Sale

For those of who you love rare spawns, 5.1 adds several more for  I’m In Your Base, Killing Your Dudes! Each hub in Krasarang Wilds has three rare NPCs that the opposing faction can kill for sweet rewards.

Rare NPCs

Champion of Arms: Dalan Nightbreaker/Kar Warmaker. Located at their base’s walls, by the entrance.

  •  Heroic Leap: Leaps to players out of range.
  •  Cracking Blow: Inflicts 60% of the target’s health as Physical damage along a line in front of the caster.

Champion of the Light:Disha Fearwarden/Muerta. Located inside their respective bases, close to their main fortresses.

Champion of the Shadows: Mavis Harms/Ubunti the Shade. Respectively be found on the Alliance docks/Domination Point Tower.

  •  Mortal Throw: Inflicts 60% of the target’s health as Physical damage for players at range.
  •  Shank: Stuns players in melee for 3 seconds.
  •  Shadowstep: Appears from up to 20 yards away.


Rare Spawn Loot

For Alliance Players For Horde Players
 Blood-Soaked Invitation  Blood-Soaked Invitation
 Alliance Insignia of Conquering  Horde Insignia of Conquering
 SI:7 Operative’s Manual  Kor’kron Book of Hurting
 Steadfast Footman’s Medallion  Mark of the Hardened Grunt
 Honorable Commendation of Operation: Shieldwall  Honorable Commendation of the Dominance Offensive

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Click the cut to read about Blizzard’s Black Friday offers!

Retail Black Friday Offers

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Blizzard Entertainment

In celebration of Black Friday, goblin merchants are infiltrating select retail locations to unleash epic savings on World of Warcraft and its expansions. For a limited time, you can find the World of Warcraft: Battle Chest for $5, Cataclysm for $10, and Mists of Pandaria for $20—but only at the following retail chains:

Best Buy
Fred Meyer
Hasting’s Entertainment

For now, these World of Warcraft Black Friday deals are available exclusively at retail, but if you’re looking for even more epic savings online, be sure to hit up the Blizzard Store where you can save $20 each on Diablo III and StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty from now until November 26 at 11:59 p.m. PST.

Li Li’s Travel Journal: The Krasarang Wilds

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Blizzard Entertainment

You can now check out the latest entry of Li Li’s Travel Journal, an ongoing World of Warcraft short fiction series, in theDestination: Pandaria section of the World of Warcraft website.

After her adventures in the Valley of the Four Winds, Li Li decides to strike out on her own and explore the Krasarang Wilds. When her attempts to track down the point of origin of Shen-zin Su’s journey are thwarted by the Wilds’ many critters and hard to traverse foliage, Li Li makes new and unexpected friends . . . friends who, it turns out, have a lot to tell her about these strange lands.

Head over to Destination: Pandaria now and read chapter 7 of Li Li’s Travel journal! Also, because we know you’ve been asking for them, here are three new Li Li’s Travel Journal wallpapers!


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