Patch 5.4: Mists of Pandaria Reputation Guides and Shaohao Guide

Patch 5.4 had many reputation changes, as well as the daunting Emperor Shaohao reputation to grind, so  we’ve updated all of our popular Mists of Pandaria reputation guides! With the long weekend, it’s the perfect time to finish up some rep grinds for mounts or other fun vanity items.
Of particular note:

  • Valor Points gear now costs Justice Points, existing ilvl 458 gear is now 75% cheaper, and no gear purchasable with a currency requires reputation. You can still buy these items from quartermasters, but you don’t need any reputation to do so. Commander Lo Ping sells all the ilvl 458 Justice Point gear, and Commander Oxheart sells all the ilvl 489 Justice Point gear–a little confusing since he’s the Valor quartermaster.
  • Our Emperor Shaohao guide now explains the pros and cons to each rep farming area, lists all the mobs that grant reputation, and includes details on the unique vanity items for Going To Need A Bigger Bag that they drop.
  • Our Golden Lotus guide lists the handful of quests that haven’t been removed, describes new cooking recipes in the zone, new locations for rare elites, and other changes in the Vale.

All the guides linked below have been updated for 5.4.


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